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Teaching rhetorical ethics in a post-truth economy

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Teaching rhetorical ethics in a post-truth economy
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Samedi 27 mai 2017

08:30 - 10:00
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LIB-Library 72

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Given the recent political events in the US, we have seen how arguments are made and won and how much the rhetorical stakes have changed in just a very few years. In light of this, many of us are finding it a challenge to teach students rhetoric, writing and how to understand the traditional notions of ethical and effective persuasion, and adapt these to a very changed cultural and rhetorical contexts. In this talk, scholar Rebecca Moore Howard will discuss what she has learned about students' source choices through the Citation Project research and how any instruction in rhetorical ethics needs to include instruction in source selection, as well as instruction in the basics of rhetorical analysis.

With financial support from the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences International Keynote Speaker Support Fund.

Speakers: Rebecca Moore Howard, Professor of Writing and Rhetoric, Syracuse University