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Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes

Association N° 96
Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes (WGSRF)
Dates de conférence : 
Samedi 27 mai 2017 - Mardi 30 mai 2017
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Serving Canada’s academic community for over 30 years, Women's and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes (WGSRF) is the national professional association for the academic discipline of Women's and Gender Studies in Canada. Founded in 1982 and open to everyone who supports its mission and goals, WGSRF’s membership is composed largely of academics, graduate and undergraduate students, community activists, and policy researchers, primarily but not exclusively from Canada. The association encourages a wide definition of Women's and Gender Studies as an area of study and aims to aid those teaching and researching in the field from a variety of locations, keeping in regular contact with its membership via our webpage, social media and email. This year’s conference complicates utopian constructions of unlimited national growth and opportunity with mindful attention to increasingly precarious academic and social futures, as they reflect the interests and needs of a wide range of communities with and for whom knowledge production takes place in sometimes less than welcoming environments. A sub-conference on feminist fat studies is under development, as is discussion of our association’s strategic plan. With wide accountabilities across Canadian and transnational communities, we remain committed to critical learning, laughing together, and living out our commitments in meaningful social connection with one another and the constituencies we serve. See you at Congress!

Programme : 

téléchargez-le ici (FINAL dernière mise à jour le 2017-05-26)

Événements ouverts : 
Sujets : 

post-futurity; TRC action; social movements; slow thinking; feasible flourishing

Date limite des invitations à présenter des communications : 
Le 16 décembre 2016
Réception du recteur : 
Le 28 mai 2017
Responsables de programme : 

Marie Lovrod, University of Saskatchewan

Coordonnateurs locaux/Coordonnatrices locales : 

Amina Jamal, Ryerson University