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Association canadienne des études sur l'alimentation

Association N° 297
Association canadienne des études sur l'alimentation (ACÉA)
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Samedi 27 mai 2017 - Mardi 30 mai 2017
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Conference theme: Food in Canada and Beyond: Communities, Collaboration, Complexity Canada operates within a space of large and dynamic food-systems, natural resources and human capabilities. Endowed with natural capital, informed by indigenous peoples and waves of immigrants, Canadian food systems continuously evolve in response to domestic and global opportunities and challenges, such as food security, health and nutrition, food safety, climate change, and environmental sustainability. Such evolutions contribute to shaping Canadian identities. We shape our food; then our food shapes us. The 2017 conference invites a variety of submissions that examine how community, collaboration and complexity shape Canadian identities and Canada’s food systems and food movements. We welcome creative submissions covering an array of topics that examine food and its relationships. Topics may involve: health, the environment, the arts and humanities, gender, indigenous peoples, cultural identity, education, security, public policy as well as how the roles of civil society, government, and business impact food systems in Canada and the global context. Consistent with CAFS’ interests and mandate to promote multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship across multiple facets of food systems. Founded in 2005, CAFS promotes critical, multidisciplinary scholarship in the broad area of food systems: production, distribution, consumption, and waste management. CAFS members are drawn from an array of disci­plines including adult education, agriculture, anthropology, design, economics, environmental studies, health studies, home economics, human nutrition, geography, literature, psychology, philosophy, policy studies, public health, rural studies, sociology, social work, and urban planning. CAFS membership is open to academics, students, policy makers, community workers, professionals, practitioners, and others interested in food studies research.

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Sujets : 

Food, policy, engagement, well-being, multidisciplinary scholarship

Date limite des invitations à présenter des communications : 
Le 15 janvier 2017
Réception du recteur : 
Le 28 mai 2017
Responsables de programme : 

Eric Siu-kei Cheng, University of Calgary; Kathleen Kevany, Dalhousie University

Coordonnateurs locaux/Coordonnatrices locales : 

Margaret Bancerz, Ryerson University; Fiona Yeudall, Ryerson University