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Association canadienne Jacques-Maritain

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Association canadienne Jacques-Maritain (ACJM)
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Samedi 27 mai 2017 - Dimanche 28 mai 2017
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Philosophy, Religion and The Meaning of Nationhood in the 21st Century.
In the 21st century, diverse tendencies appear to be altering or even undermining nationhood, understood as belonging to a sovereign people with a shared heritage. In addition, the role of religion is emerging as a prominent factor determining nationhood: from political and patriotic Christian Evangelism in the United States, Canada, and Latin America, to the traditional theocratic tendencies in the Middle East, including Hinduism and Confucianism, religion and nationhood cannot be ignored. 
Philosophers have discussed individualism, multiculturalism, and globalization -- concepts associated with nationhood. In Canada, Charles Taylor, John Ralston Saul, George Grant, Leslie Armour, Will Kymlika, are among those who have contributed. Discussions of nationhood in the 21st century can include the role of Islam in European and American societies, the contributions of indigenous belief systems and those of committed environmentalists. Underlying all questions about nationhood, is the increasing struggle to establish a metaphysics of community. 
All papers in French or English addressing the role of philosophy and/or religion in determining the meaning of nationhood in the 21st century are welcome.
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philosophy and community, religion and nation state.

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Le 15 février 2017
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Le 28 mai 2017
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Elizabeth A. Trott, Ryerson University; William Sweet, St. Francis Xavier University

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Elizabeth A. Trott, Ryerson University